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Hunt is the second episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the tenth episode overall.


Determined to track down Blunt and warn him about Yassen's return, Alex unknowingly puts himself on a collision course with The Department, who are simultaneously hunting a dangerous cyber-terrorist. But are the two cases more closely related than either side realizes?


Alan and Mrs Jones meet with the deputy director of the CIA, Jo Byrne. They briefly discuss a hack at the Pentagon which almost lead to the the theft of nuclear launch codes; they believe the attacker to be operating under the alias of "Smoking Mirror".

In a flashback to three months ago, Sabina's father is seen attempting to obtain information about Damian Cray from Smoking Mirror, but is dismissed by the hacker.

Meanwhile back in the present, Alex searches for MI6 frantically. He later meets with Sabina at the hospital when he is checking on her father, but spots Smoking Mirror entering his room. Smoking Mirror later escapes from the room.

Back home, Alex is keen to find MI6 and talks with Jack and Tom. Jack suggests he ask the Friend family if they are aware of any information that may be of use to him. David Friend tells him of a club that Blunt frequents.

Outside of the club, Alex and Tom wait for Blunt to leave. Tom plants a GoPro camera on Blunt's car to avoid detection when following him, but the two are eventually discovered by MI6 and Alex is captured. Smoking Mirror is able to escape.

Having been brought to MI6's new base, he tells them that he saw Yassen in Cornwell, but Blunt claims they have been watching Yassen for six months and he has not been in the area. Alex leaves MI6 saddened, and tells Mrs. Jones that he will figure the siutation out himself if MI6 is reluctan to help.