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James Adair is a senior lecturer at Imperial College here in London. But fourteen years ago he was a student. His father was already an extremely senior civil servant

—Tulip Jones introducing James Adair to Alex Rider

George "James" Adair is a minor protagonist who appeared in the novel Scorpia.


He is the son of the civil servant Graham Adair, and was kidnapped by the criminal gang SCORPIA to force his father into doing their bidding by torturing him. John Rider was told to kidnap James on his last mission. He succeeded, but helped fake his own shooting with Tulip Jones and her men on Albert Bridge.

In the Albert Bridge incident, James and John meet halfway through the walk across the bridge on a hostage exchange. There, John explains that he will risk his life to save him and that he was to run to the safety of the MI6 agents on the other side.

In Scorpia, James Adair explains to Alex his ordeal with Julia Charlotte Glenys Rothman, saying she was beautiful but "a complete bitch". He told Alex that John Rider had still been alive after Albert Bridge, ultimately proving that John had indeed not been killed by MI6. He also felt thankful for him, even naming his first son after him.


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