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James Sprintz (14) German, lives in Düsseldorf. Brown hair, brown eyes, pale. Father; Dieter Sprintz, banker, well-known financier (the Million Dollar Man). Mother living in England. Expelled for wounding a teacher with an air pistol. My only friend at PB! And the only one who really hates it here.

Alex Rider's description of James Sprintz

James Sprintz was a minor protagonist in the novel Point Blanc.[1] He is Alex Rider's friend.

Physical Appearance

James has pale skin, long brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He is a German native.[1][2]

He appears to be a fan of Star Wars, as when he first meets Alex in the novel, he is wearing a very old Star Wars t-shirt. Later on, when he suggests that Dr Grief and Mrs Stellenbosch sleep together, he compares to Darth Vader sleeping with King Kong, implying that he has a nerdy streak.


James was expelled from a school in Düsseldorf after wounding a teacher with an air pistol. He also smoked, and asked Alex Rider for a cigarette almost immediately after meeting him.[1][2]


His father is Dieter Sprintz, a banker, also known as the "hundred million dollar man." His mother lives in England.[1][2] This heavily implies that his parents are divorced.

Role in Series

Point Blanc (novel)

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James is the only boy who wasn't replaced by one of Dr. Hugo Grief's clones when Alex arrives. He and Alex became friends quickly. A week after Alex's arrival, he confides in him about his plan to escape Point Blanc Academy by skiing down the mountain, and then catching a train back to his father in Dusseldorf, or his mother in England if his father doesn't want him back, or to friends in Paris and Berlin if his mother doesn't want him either. He also relates his apprehension about Point Blanc to Alex, and his fear of Dr Grief.

That night, James is taken away from his room and into the cells in the basement and replaced with Grief's clone. Alex later discovers him and Paul Roscoe in their cell, and tells them his true identity - along with the death of Paul's father, Michael. He is later set free, along with the other real boys, by Wolf and his squad along with Alex.[1]

Season One

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James is portrayed in the TV series in largely the same fashion as the books. The major difference is that his family deals in weaponry, rather than banking. Moreover, he is Australian rather than German.


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