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Jane Bedfordshire is a minor character that first appears in the novel Stormbreaker.


Jane is the secretary of Brookland Comprehensive School. She is an attractive woman in her twenties and reportedly has a soft spot for Alex Rider. She thinks Alex is in therapy.


Miss Bedfordshire first appears in Stormbreaker, where she helps Alex look up breakers' yards in the yellow pages.

She is introduced as a young woman in her twenties who had always had a soft spot for Alex.

 Point Blanc

Miss Bedfordshire makes a brief appearance in Point Blanc, and it is noted that she alone in the school had wondered if there had been more to Alex's absence than the doctor's note had suggested.


In Scorpia Miss Bedfordshire went on the school trip to Venice. Where two men on a motorbike (scippatori; professional bag snatchers) attempt to steal her handbag, Alex stopped them using birdseed and pigeons.

It is mentioned that she feels sorry for Alex, and thinks that he's seeing a psychiatrist. Later when Alex repelled the scippatori and returned her bag he jokes "It was just something I picked up in therapy."

Ark Angel

Miss Bedfordshire did not actually appear in Ark Angel but she sent Alex a card when he was in hospital.


Miss Bedfordshire make a brief appearance at the end of Snakehead.

She welcomes Alex back to school and he wonders if Miss Bedfordshire really believes about Alex's illness or is just playing along.

Crocodile Tears

When Mr Bulman visits Alex he mentioned that he had obtained information about Alex from Miss Bedfordshire. However she didn't know that he was a journalist, Bulman pretended that he was calling from the local council.

Scorpia Rising

In Scorpia Rising Miss Bedfordshire was the only person to see Alex leave the school.


  • Alex mentioned a rumour that there was something going on between Miss Bedfordshire and Mr Grey but he doubted it was true.