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Jerry Harris How's things, Tom? How are mum and dad?
Tom Harris: The same
Jerry Harris: As bad as that? Our parents are complete crap. I'm sure my borhter's told you. I mean calling him Tom and me Jerry. How crap can you get?

—Jerry regarding the relationship of his parents to Alex Rider with his brother, Tom

Jerry Harris is the older brother of Tom Harris, a friend of Alex Rider's. He appeared in the novel Scorpia.

Appearance and Personailty

Jerry is very laid-back, he has bleached hair, a lopsided smile and is thin to the point of being scrawny.

Jerry enjoys extreme sports and most of the money he makes goes into buying equipment and such to undertake his adrenaline thrills.


Jerry Harris grew up in London, with his parents and brother Tom. Their parents did not get along and it seems Jerry moved out as soon as he could. He went to Italy in his gap year and did not retern. He lives in the Spanish Quarter of Naples and rents a top floor flat. Jerry teaches English as a foreign language to fund his trips mountaineering, and love of extreme sports.


He first appeared in Scorpia when he lent Alex his BASE jumping equipment.


  • Many find humor in Jerry and Tom's names because their parents named them after the popular cartoon Tom and Jerry.

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