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Crawley belonged to MI6. Not exactly a spy, but someone who was very much a part of that world. Crawley was an office manager in one of the country's most secret offices. He did the paperwork, made the arrangements, set up the meetings. When someone died with a knife in their back or a bullet in their chest, it would be Crawley who had signed the dotted line

—Description of John Crawley

John Crawley is an agent for MI6. He is one of the members of MI6 responsible for Alex Rider becoming involved in the world of espionage, tricking Alex into the MI6 headquarters and knocking him unconscious on Alan Blunt's orders. He is portrayed by Jimmy Carr in the film version of Stormbreaker.


John Crawley has thinning hair, a blotchy face, and in his thirties. It said that he wears old-fashioned clothes, namely polyester suits and Marks & Spencer's ties. He is played by Jimmy Carr in the film adaption of Stormbreaker.


Crawley is depicted as not being as cold as his boss, Alan Blunt, containing a stronger emotional connection with others. He is an exceptionally effective secret agent and a master of disguise. He explains that he is skilled at martial arts, as well as being a proficient marksman. He is kinder to Alex than the rest of MI6 and is an excellent judge of character.


John Crawley works for MI6, though he acts as personnel at the Royal & General bank as a cover. He knew John Rider and worked with him a couple of times. It is hinted in Ark Angel that he was injured by SCORPIA on one mission. He is also involved on the Wimbledon committee, getting Alex a job there as a ball boy in Skeleton Key to investigate the possibility of somebody trying to sabotage the competition. He is hinted to have a wife, though this is never stated.

Differences in the TV series

Season One

John Crawley largely works behind the scenes during the events of season one/Point Blanc, performing internal investigations into Martin Wilby at Alan Blunt's behest. When Wilby's cover is blown, Crawley is unable to apprehend Wilby before Yassen Gregorovich kills him. Crawley is later assigned to investigate Parker Roscoe's assistant, Mr. Langham, and sees to it that both men are apprehended. After the raid on Point Blanc Academy, Crawley is sent to comfort Kyra Vashenko-Chao regarding her parents' death, but she pickpockets his security card while hugging him. At the climax when Derek Smithers realizes that the clone of Alex Rider is still loose, Crawley is dispatched to apprehend the clone, but is unable to tell which is the "real" Alex and which is the clone. Luckily, Tom Harris immediately identifies the clone, and the clone is shot soon thereafter.


  • In the film and graphic novels he was renamed "John Crawford" after an unusual request from the real MI6 itself not to use the name Crawley.
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