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In my view, Kaspar is now the most dangerous man alive, for the simple reason that he believes the whole world is with him. And in a sense he's right. I'm sure there are many people in this room who believe in protecting the environment. The trouble is, he would kill he would kill every one of you if he thought it would help him achieve his aims

Max Webber

"Kaspar" is the pseudonym of Magnus Payne, a secondary antagonist in the novel Ark Angel.


In Ark Angel, Kaspar was described to be bald, even with his eyebrows shaven. His head has a tattoo of the map of the world.


He is the right-hand man to Nikolei Drevin, and is also the leader of the eco-terrorist group,which Drevin created, Force Three. He was killed in space inside the hotel with a knife sticking behind his head.

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