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Kyra Vashenko-Chao is a minor protagonist and a student at Point Blanc Academy. First mentioned in Episode Three of Alex Rider, she is a skilled hacker with more affinity for machines than people.

Background and Personal Life

I think she prefers machines to people.

Laura, on Kyra

Kyra had few relationships beyond that with her parents, who were distant in any event. After hacking the Tokyo stock exchange, her parents sent her to Point Blanc to correct her behavior.


Alex Rider

You’ve got me.

Alex to Kyra

Kyra first meets Alex during his mission to Point Blanc, and soon deduces that he is hiding something from everyone else. She's reluctant to put any trust in Alex until he places trust in her as well, and although he remains secretive at first, he opens up when she frees him after being captured by Dr. Greif. Their trust in each other then builds as they work together to try to escape the school, and when she learns of her parents' death in the aftermath, she goes to Alex first for comfort.

Role in Series

Season One

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Kyra keeps to herself early-on, responding sarcastically when prompted by anyone. However, when Alex mentions a dream he had of being operated on surgically, Kyra shares that she had that exact same dream. When Laura suddenly begins acting strangely, James Sprintz, Alex, and Kyra plan to escape. Alex and Kyra break into Dr. Greif's office while James runs interference, with Kyra reprogramming the keypads to accept "0000" as a combination. Before they can escape however, James in captured and Kyra searches for him with Alex. On the second floor, they discover Dr. Greif murdering Dr. Baxter and planning to capture Kyra next.

Kyra walks away

Understandably alarmed, and still not trusting Alex due to his secrecy, Kyra hatches her own plan to escape: she leaves Point Blanc using the keypads, but then retraces her steps back to Point Blanc, tricking security into chasing her in vain. When Alex himself is captured, Kyra rescues him, and he finally reveals his identity and intentions to her. While Alex flees on a makeshift skateboard, Kyra remains behind to free the captured students of Point Blanc, once Alex brings MI6 in to raid the Academy. She executes her part of the plan and is taken to safety by Eagle. In custody, she learns that her parents were killed by Dr. Greif to prevent her trying to run home, and so she steals John Crawley's keypad to escape MI6 custody and visit Alex. She gives him the washer they used to break out of their dorms in Point Blanc, for luck, and then departs, nearly crying with loneliness.

Season Two

In the first three episodes there's some discusssions about the identity of K7 the leaderboard player of the game Feather Serpent whose identity remains a mystery. During episode 4 Serpent, Alex passes himself as K7 to infiltrate the pre-launch event organized by Damian Cray, in order to retrieve a copy of the game before the release. He starts receiving messages from someone called K7 advising him to pull off.

When he has to make his escape, he is helped by this K7 who leads him to the exit and them. It is revealed that K7 was Kyra all along and she decided Alex needed her to watch his back.

Kyra reveal to Alex her parents where both killed following her escape attempt from Point Blanc. She offers him a deal: she helps him with his investigation on Damian Cray and he helps her to find her parent's killer. Alex point out that as they are friends they don't need deals to help each other.

She help him analyze the code of the game he retrieved, using the power of Alex school's computer. She then deduce that part of the code has been removed and need access to the original server in order to analyze it.

She, Alex and Tom proceed to Amsterdam to infiltrate Damian Cray's base to access the missing code.

Kyra uses her hacking skills to produce all-access cards for Damian Cray's base. Alex and her find their way in but while Kyra is still copying the code they both get trapped in Cray's office as he's about to murder Charly Hoper in cold blood. She tries to prevent Alex from giving himself in in the hope of saving Charly's life but he does not listen and they both taken prisonner. When Evelyn interrogates her, Kyra insult her by mocking her code in order to avoid answering questions.

Kyra uses her abilities with electronics to hack the door of their prison and they both escape.

While beeing pursued by the drone, Tom saves her life.

When Alex disapear, Tom ask for her help to find him using the tracker Alex had on him. The Department also ask her to collaborate with Smither to decude exactly what threat poses Damian Cray's game.

Her and Smither deduce the code uses all player's computer as a super computer, and locate Alex near Air Force One just before Evelyn causes internet to crash.

At the end of the season, Kyra is seen going through files about SCORPIA, probably determined to go for vengeance.