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Laura (pronounced "la-oo-rah") is student at Point Blanc Academy. First introduced in Episode Four of Alex Rider, she is the daughter of a wealthy industrial family. She was sent to Point Blanc to correct some unspecified misbehavior.


James Sprintz

During her time in Point Blanc, James was the person she associated with the most, being unlike Sasha and Arrash, and Kyra Vashenko-Chao being emotionally distant.

Role in Series

Season One

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Laura and James welcome Alex Rider to Point Blanc, quickly forming a clique due to the odd behavior of Sasha and Arrash, and Kyra's initial unwillingness to be friendly with Alex. Laura laughs often, shares her story about dangerous chemicals being upstairs, and comes to party with Alex when he plays music while he cleans the dishes. Not long after, she has a cough during Dr. Greif's lecture, so Greif orders her to the infirmary. She expresses reluctance and outright fear, but goes as instructed. After several days, she returns different, and suddenly associates herself with Arrash and Sasha, dismissing her behavior difference by saying "people are allowed to change".

Laura crying

James, alarmed, calls out the trio's strange behavior, but they respond robotically, one after another brushing off James' concerns. Throughout the rest of the season, Laura acts together with Sasha and Arrash, often on Eva Stellenbosch's orders, until it is revealed that this Laura is in fact a clone of Dr. Greif. The real Laura was imprisoned and nearly broken by extensive interrogation by her doppelgänger. When Alex finds her, she begs to be freed, and when he is instead captured she cries in despair. However, despite her fears that she would eventually be killed, Kyra eventually came to rescue her, and she was then taken into MI6 custody. Her clone was also taken into MI6 custody.