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You could say he choked on a snail. Except the snail in question was the marbled cone variety and deadly poisonous. I had a feeling Leonard's heart exploded before I forced it down his throat

Desmond McCain revealing that he killed Straik to Alex Rider

Leonard Straik is the GM of Greenfields.

Role in Series

In Crocodile Tears, Leonard plays Texas Hold 'Em poker with Desmond McCain at Kilmore Castle. Later, when Alex is blackmailed by MI6 to infiltrate Greenfields, it is revealed that they suspect him of something bad. When Alex manages to get into Straik's office, he downloads the information on his computer. However, Straik realizes somebody has downloaded info, and Alex barely manages to escape. When McCain talks to Harry Bulman, Straik is there, and witnesses the cold blooded killing of Bulman. It is revealed later that he was dead due to a cone snail which McCain shoved down his throat.