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I was the under the impression that I would be in command of the next operation

—Levi Kroll arrogantly questioning Zeljan Kurst

Levi Kroll is a minor antagonist in the Alex Rider novels Scorpia,[1] Snakehead[2] and Scorpia Rising.[3]


Kroll is an Israeli who works in the Israeli Secret Service.[1] He is also an executive of SCORPIA.[4]

Physical appearance & personality

He has a large beard and wears an eye patch. He seems to be very outspoken at the meeting in Snakehead, where they are planning the destruction of Reef Island and the celebrities on it.[2] He is described as being typically blunt, as this was picked up from his previous line of work.[4]


Kroll joined SCORPIA as one of the twelve founding executives in the group. He still thinks of himself as a soldier after working with the Israeli Secret Service. He slept for nine weeks with a 9mm pistol under his pillow, but eventually lost an eye when he accidentally shot it out (and now wears an eyepatch).[1][2]

Role in series


When Julia Rothman is giving the board of SCORPIA an overview of Operation Invisible Sword, Levi interrupts by demanding whether the operation will work. Julia dismisses his concern, telling him of course it will work and there is no need to worry.


Kroll is frustrated and angry when the overall chairman of SCORPIA, Zeljan Kurst, announces that Winston Yu will be commander of the new Operation Reef Encounter, SCORPIA's next scheme to change the world. Kroll has longed to be in charge since he was passed over as commander in Invisible Sword, and he is again angry that he has been ignored yet again. Despite his anger, he is civil to Kurst, apologizing for letting his emotions get the better of him, hinting at his one weakness which leads to his death in Operation Horseman.

Scorpia Rising

In Scorpia Rising, Zeljan Kurst decides which one of his employees should command Operation Horseman. For the third time, Kroll is skipped over and the assignment is placed in the hands of Razim instead. As soon as Razim mentions using Alex Rider as part of SCORPIA's plan, Kroll, having had enough of being passed over for command, is the only board member to disagree with him. After having a heated argument with Zeljan Kurst, in which Kroll, insisting that they not tangle with Alex Rider following their previous failures, aims a gun at his former boss, Kurst discreetly summons a sniper who shoots Kroll in the back of the neck. His body is then placed in the River Thames and used as bait to lure MI6 into SCORPIA's trap.[3]


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