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There are numerous similarities between the James Bond franchise and the Alex Rider series. Owing to the nature of the article, this list is ongoing and may not be complete.


  • Gustav Graves from Die Another Day and Damian Cray from Eagle Strike are both strikingly similar. Both characters suffer from constant mood swings, and both are killed by being sucked into a jet engine. This is also how Major Grant from Die Hard 2 is killed.
  • Nile from SCORPIA and Oddjob from Goldfinger both fulfil a similar role. They are the secondary antagonists and henchmen to another enemy. Both are highly skilled in martial arts, and can throw weapons that kill others. For Nile he uses samurai swords, while Oddjob employs a bowler hat lined with a metal razor disk in the rim.
  • Razim from SCORPIA Rising and Renard from The World is Not Enough: neither show emotions until shortly before their demises.
  • Anthony Sean Howell from Snakehead and Alec Trevelyan from GoldenEye are both double agents (in Ash's case, he is a triple agent).
  • Zeljan Kurst and Ernst Stavro Blofeld both share the role of being criminal masterminds.
  • They have completely different goals, but Desmond McCain and Franz Sanchez are both killed by being set on fire.
  • Similarly, Julia Rothman and Janus (Alec Trevelyan) are both killed by being crushed.


  • SCORPIA is a reference to SPECTRE from the 007 movies.


  • The bicycle that Alex uses in Eagle Strike is similar to Bond's Aston Martin V12 Vanquish/ Vanish. Both are equipped with a target-seeking weapon, missile launchers and ejection seat.
    • It also references the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger, having an oil slick and a smokescreen.
  • Ejection seat used in Never Say Die was seen in Bond's vehicle in Goldfinger and also referenced in another car in Skyfall.

Gun barrel sequence

In most if not all the Bond films, the opening scene has Bond walking onto the screen, being tracked by the camera, which is tracking him; he then spins and fires into it. This is repeated in SCORPIA Rising, where Julius Grief tries to shoot Alex Rider, only for the latter to turn and fire first, killing Julius.


  • The Geiger counter in Dr No is very similar to the DS given by the CIA to Belinda Troy and Tom Turner in Skeleton Key. All these devices are made to track radiation.
  • The tracking device given by Smithers to Alex in SCORPIA is like the radio transmitter in Skyfall.
  • The pistol Bond is given in Skyfall can only fire if his specific DNA pattern is scanned on the grip. Anybody else who tries to operate the weapon will be unable to do so. This technology was also used by the guards who were posted at Mrs Jones' apartment in SCORPIA.


  • In Stormbreaker, Sayle's headquarters are in Port Tallon; Tallon is a secret agent who is killed in Moonraker.
  • Felix Lester, Alex's alias in Stormbreaker, is very similar to Felix Leiter, a CIA operative, featured heavily in the Bond books.
  • Smithers, the gadgets quartermaster in the series, is a treasury official in Goldfinger.
  • Julius Grief shares his first name with Dr Julius No.
  • Alex's maths teacher is Donovan, referencing the assassin Donovan 'Red' Grant in the novel From Russia With Love.
  • Bernie Lee, the Brookland headmaster, is named after Bernard Lee who was M before Judi Dench replaced him.
  • The music teacher Ms Barry is a reference to John Barry, the latter being responsible for composing the 007 theme.
  • Mr Wiseman, a sports teacher, is similar to the actor who played Dr. No, Joseph Wiseman.
    • The name is also recycled into the name of Alex's dentist in The Man With Eleven Fingers.
  • Tulip Jones' cat, Q, is the main gadget scientist from 007.
  • In Snakehead, the corrupt doctor who attempts to use Alex for organ transplant, Bill Tanner, is an aide to M in Quantum of Solace.
  • General Sarov's island, Skeleton Key, is a call back to Julius No's hideout, Crab Key.
  • The chemical weapons facility that 006 and 007 infiltrate in GoldenEye is called Arkhangelsk; this is similar to the Ark Angel.
  • Hugo Grief's first name comes from Hugo Drax.
  • Frederick Grey, the boy assassin in Nightshade, is a reference to Defence Minister Frederick Grey, from the Roger Moore Bond era.

Operations and projects

  • Operation Poison Dawn orchestrated by Desmond McCain is rather identical to Hugo Drax's scheme in the film of Moonraker. The two involve using a biological weapon to wipe out human life. However, Drax's is more diabolical, in that he intends to kill everybody.
  • Operation Invisible Sword and the Stormbreaker project are both similar to each other; in both, a virus is used to conduct mass child murders.
  • Operation Ark Angel is similar to Sanguinetti's plan in Ian Fleming's novel The Spy Who Loved Me, since both require the destruction of a hotel in order to claim insurance.
  • The Gemini Project and Blofeld's scheme in On Her Majesty's Secret Service both involve using brainwashed subjects to rule the world.


A comparison can be made between Dr. Kaufman from Tomorrow Never Dies and Mrs Stellenbosch from Point Blanc.

KAUFMAN: "I am just a professional! I was just doing my job."

STELLENBOSCH (before shooting Alex): "And this is what I am paid for."


  • In Skyfall, Bond undergoes word association with a psychiatrist. This also happens to Julius Grief in SCORPIA Rising.
  • Alex plays Texas hold 'em with Desmond McCain and his associates in Crocodile Tears. 007 also engages in this with Le Chiffre during Casino Royale.
  • The premise of Point Blanc somewhat follows On Her Majesty's Secret Service, in being set in snowy mountains in continental Europe, at an expensive service, run by a madman seeking to wreak global havoc.
  • The World is Not Enough features a pursuit on snowy mountains, which is what Alex does to evade Grief's men in Point Blanc.