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The MP3 Player 2500 Ogre gadget blueprints.[1]

The MP3 Player 2500 Ogre gadget appears only in the novel Ark Angel.[2]


As with most of Military Intelligence Six gadgets, this MP3 player was invented by Derek Smithers.[3]


Smithers added a few special features of his own to this MP3 player, including maser eavesdropping technology which, with a range of fifty meters, makes conversations easily audible. The player also works as a shielded mobile telephone, has an encrypted 40 GB hard drive and the IXP version includes a small canister of NN5, a plastic explosive containing pentavalent nitrogen which is powerful enough to demolish steel-framed buildings.[1]

Known Uses

Alex Rider was issued with this personal MP3 player before visiting Flamingo Bay, the headquarters of Nikolei Drevin’s space program.[2]


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