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You might be amused to hear that Mark Kellner resigned this morning. The prime minister's direction of communication - remember him? He's telling the press that he wants to spend more time with his family. The funny thing is, his family can't stand him. Nobody can. Mr Kellner made one mistake too many. Nobody could have foreseen that stunt with the hot-air balloon. But someone has to carry the can, and I'm glad to say it's him

—Alan Blunt revealing Kellner being forced to retire

Mark Kellner was the Prime Minister's Communications Director at Downing Street; otherwise known as a spin doctor. He was especially cold at the death's of the English reserves team, which Scorpia used as a test for Invisible Sword. He regularly clashed with Sir Graham Adair, the Permanent Secretary to the Cabinet Office his rival.

Kellner was put in charge of the finding of the Scorpia satellite dishes in London, but the narrow avoidment of the crisis was put down to Alex Rider. Keller was forced to resign after the incident,as he had lost face by taking the wrong decisions,and forcing Alex Rider to do the stunt with the hot-air balloon

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