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You’re a good man, Martin. I’ll make sure we’ll take care of you.

Yassen Gregorovich to Martin Wilby

Martin Wilby is a minor antagonist in the Alex Rider TV series, having betrayed Ian Rider to Yassen Gregorovich to be murdered.

Role in Series

Season One

Martin's involvement begins when Ian Rider discerns a connection, Point Blanc, between the murder of Gregoriy Serenkov and Michael Roscoe. He reaches out to Martin so that they can get in touch with their "Russian contact", Yassen, but Martin says that Yassen got jumpy even at hearing the name "Point Blanc", and demanded a secure location if they were to meet at all. At the location, Martin turns on Ian by putting a gun to the back of his head. Ian surrenders, Yassen shoots him dead, and then shoots Martin in the arm so that he could have a believable alibi. Martin then reports to MI6, claiming the incident was involving the "Varna" investigation, a story that isn't readily believed by MI6.

Martin is denied access to Ian's full file

Martin continues to "search" for Ian's killer, until John Crawley takes him off the case, pretending to have believed a lead about the murder coming from a North Korean who they can no longer reach. Martin accepts this reasoning and reports to Yassen that all is well, but Yassen becomes immediately suspicious, unbeknownst to Martin. He later tries to investigate Ian's file, but finds himself blocked from accessing Ian's "dependents" file. Martin begins to become suspicious, and eventually visits Jack Starbright, learning that Alex Rider was assigned to investigate Point Blanc — MI6 does suspect him after all. Knowing that his cover is blown, he tries to flee, but is killed by Yassen Gregorovich before he can escape or explain himself.