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This will come as no surprise to you. We spoke of this the last time. But I have decided that enough is enough. I'm an old man, I want to retire to my castle in Vienna. Invisible Sword will be your greatest achievement, I am sure but I no longer have the heart for it. It is time for me to step down. You must go ahead without me

—Max Grendel attempting to retire from the board of Scorpia

Max U. Grendel is a minor antagonist in Scorpia.


He was a SCORPIA executive. Before then, he was a commander in the German secret police.


Max Grendel had been a commander in the German secret police. He once strangled a foreign spy to death during a performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. He was one of the founding members of SCORPIA.

He has an eye problem which causes his eyes to be permanently teary. He has two grandchildren twins named Hans and Rudi who were about the age of Alex Rider, and in his old age, it is said that he has grown sentimental. He did not want to let SCORPIA kill his grandchildren. When he quits SCORPIA, Julia Rothman presents him with an executive briefcase as a retirement gift. However, once Grendel opens it, dozens of sand coloured scorpions (Parabetheus spieces) are released. His heart gave up before the neurotoxins killed him.

One of his final decisions as an executive head of SCORPIA had been to suggest that they have a mobile office in Paris, which was a large, heavily-armed boat named Le Débiteur. He made this decision just months before his death.

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