Max Webber


Kaspar: In your speech today, you made an enemy of Force Three. And as you pointed out yourself, they are completely ruthless
Max Webber: I don't think either of us need worry about Force Three. And I think you should remember, my friend. I served with the SAS. I know how to look after myself
Kaspar: Really?
Max Webber: I'm not afraid of Force Three. I'm not afraid of anyone

—Max Webber's final words before his death

Max Webber was a security analyst who worked for many different organizations during his lifetime.[1]

Physical Appearance

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Webber is an expert on terrorism. He has written several books on the subject.[2]

Role in Series

Ark Angel

He gave his last lecture in Amsterdam on Force Three. Alan Blunt and Tulip Jones were attendees.[1] Webber, however spoke out against Force Three during this lecture.

After it concluded, Webber was phoned by Force Three who, unbeknownest to him, had planted a bomb in his phone. The last thing Webber heard was, "Good-bye, Mr. Webber." Then the bomb was activated and Webber's head was blown apart.[1]

It was revealed that Force Three had actually paid Webber to give the lecture on their group for promotion purposes.[1]


Pompous, vain and arrogant, Webber displays an inflated ego and an overdeveloped sense of self-importance. He is arrogant enough to dismiss the heads of MI6 as imbeciles. His arrogance costs him dearly as he is killed by Force Three for his open offensive towards them.


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