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Tulip Jones: Roscoe was very rich, very influential -
Alex Rider: - And very short-sighted
Tulip Jones: It certainly seems to have been a very strange and even a careless accident. The lift somehow malfunctioned. Roscoe didn't look where he was going

—Tulip Jones and Alex Rider discuss the late Michael J. Roscoe

Michael J. Roscoe is a minor character in the second Alex Rider novel, Point Blanc.


He is described as having a round, handsome face, with graying hair and glasses that went over his blue eyes. A year-round tan covered his skin and in the novel Point Blanc, he was fifty-four years old. He wore expensive yet annoymous suits.


When you're rich, you have to be careful. There are cranks, kidnappers, terrorists... The desperate and the dispossessed. Michael J. Roscoe was the chairman of Roscoe Electronics and the ninth or tenth richest man in the world - and he was very careful indeed

—Michael J. Roscoe

Roscoe was slightly paranoid. Everyday he followed the same routine, starting with a double espresso coffee in his office, and had extensive security. He surrounded himself with what seemed to be safety. Every staff member of his building was hand-picked, and it could take up to three months to make an appointment with him. His driver was ex-FBI and carried a Berreta sub-compact semi-automatic pistol at all times, the Mercedes that drove him to work had bulletproof windows, there were several codes and sensors that required ID to go further, and he had a private elevator that only went from the first floor to the sixtieth.


He was the father of Paul Roscoe, who attended Point Blanc Academy during the Gemini Project incident. Before his death, Michael Roscoe had few happy days with his son. He is divorced from his wife.


Roscoe appeared on the cover of Time magazine under the title "The Electronics King". Roscoe sat on the executive board of Roscoe Electronics and was the ninth or tenth most wealthy man in the world.

Point Blanc

Roscoe was not a prominent character in Point Blanc. He makes a brief appearance in the prologue of the novel and is killed off almost immediately.


Roscoe had noticed something different about his boy ever since he returned from Point Blanc Academy and contacted MI6 about the matter. Headmaster and main antagonist of the book Hugo Grief somehow found out about Roscoe's suspicions and dispatched a professional killer, The Gentleman, to silence the businessman before he could reveal his suspicions.

Roscoe set off for a morning meeting with Senator Andrews at the Ivy but when he stepped into the elevator, it wasn't there. The shaft was empty and a projector stood in the corner projecting a hologram of the elevator standing in place of the real one. Roscoe's office was on the top floor of his building, and he fell to his death down the elevator shaft. His body wasn't discovered until the next day. He was killed by The Gentleman.

Differences in the TV series

Season One

In the TV series, The Gentleman does not kill Roscoe — Yassen Gregorovich does, in the same fashion, by tricking him down an elevator shaft. Further differences include his son being named Parker Roscoe, not Paul Roscoe, and his company being "Roscorp Media" as opposed to "Roscoe Electronics".

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