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Mirror is the third episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the eleventh episode overall.


Alex refuses to walk away from his investigation into the attack on Ed Pleasance. With Sabina and Tom’s help, he discovers a new lead connecting it to the Pentagon hack, putting him in the crosshairs of the hacker who goes by the name Smoking Mirror.


Having played "Feathered Serpent" frequently in Cornwall, Damian Cray has ventured to Amsterdam and awaits the release of the second iteration of the game, Feathered Serpent 2. Meanwhile, MI6 is unable to pinpoint the location of Smoking Mirror, who is hiding out within a survival shelter.

Alex and Sabina arrive at Sabina's fathers home and the two look around for clues about his connection with Damian Cray. The efforts are futile, however, and they are unable to find no links between the two. Smoking Mirror watches the two through the webcam of Sabina's Father's laptop. Smoking Mirror attempts to identify Alex, but finds this difficult.

Tom is furious with the encounter between MI6 and Alex which was caught on camera. He watches the footage back and witnesses a bike leaving the scene. He is able to identify the registration plate of the vehicle and shows this to Alex. In turn, Alex relays the information to Mr. Smithers, who shows MI6 the information. They promise to keep an eye on the CCTV cameras.

Alex is rattled when his home is hacked by none other than Smoking Mirror. Mirror warns Alex to stop snooping around his activities. The following day, Smoking Mirror sets up a meeting with Alex, but the two are soon interrupted by Yassen, who pulls out a gun and shoots Mirror. Mirror dies almost instantly, and Alex flees the scene of the crime. Yassen is unaware of the assailant meeting with Mirror and chases him, but eventually allows Alex to flee when he realises this is who he is chasing. MI6 arrive moments later only to find Mirror's body on the floor.