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I was always the best. But that's what you paid for.

—Baxter demands a higher payment from Dr. Grief

Mr. Baxter (Dr. Baxter in the TV series) is a minor antagonist in Point Blanc.


Baxter is a plastic surgeon with gambling debts who works for Dr. Hugo Grief, operating on his sixteen clones to make them appear as the students attending the Point Blanc academy (one of which turns out to be Julius Grief). When Alex hides in a washing machine in the room opposite he watches as Baxter is congratulated by Grief for his work, but after he tries to negotiate a higher payment for what he has done, Grief shoots him dead.

Differences in the TV series

Called Dr. Baxter, Baxter helps teach the students of Point Blanc, see to their medical care, and also perform surgical experiments upon them so that he can make Dr. Greif's clones appear like those same students. Rather than money, Baxter expresses a longing for recognition of his medical accomplishments, and is shortly killed after turning over all of his research to Dr. Greif.

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