Multifunction Games Console 5198 ATTILA (gadget)

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The multifunction games console 5198 ATTILA.

The multifunction games console 5198 ATTILA gadget appears in the novel Stormbreaker.


As with most Military Intelligence Six gadgets, this game console was invented by Derek Smithers.


This gadget was disguised as a Nintendo Gameboy.

As well as playing games it was designed to copy documents (Nemesis), set off a smoke bomb (Bomber Boy), detect bugs (Speed Wars) and see through walls (Exocet). It also includes a hidden microphone, sensitive enough to pick up conversations one hundred metres away.

Known Uses

The MI6 multifunction games console was developed specially for Alex Rider to take with him to Port Tallon, the home of Herod Sayle's Stormbreaker computer factory.


  • A few times in the series, Alex was mentioned to have been playing a Nintendo DS first given to him by Smithers, even though this was the only gadget to appear to be a Nintendo console around the time the events of Stormbreaker occurred. What makes it even more confusing is that he was actually given a Nintendo DS in the movie—the first time this error popped up came 4 years before that!
  • Although MI6 doesn't (or would rather not) mention it, the cartridge they inserted into the Nintendo Game Boy is not legitimate. In fact, it seems to resemble *insert number here*-in-1 bootleg compilations that were rife around Hong Kong which, somehow, managed to see the light of day in households all over the world!

Each of the games' names that has been included in the cartridge is, in one way or another, related to an actual GB game in real life!

  • Nemesis - This was what the horizontally-scrolling space shooter, Gradius, was known as when it was released outside of Japan (...for no good reason, might I add!). It was originally an arcade game from 1985, developed by Konami, which was then ported to the Game Boy in 1990.
  • Bomber Boy - A tongue-in-cheek shout out to Bomber Man (assuming that Mr. Horowitz even plays video games!). It was also originally an arcade game released in 1983, which then went on to build up into a full-fledged franchise. While it was released for the Game Boy in 1994, it came out in the US under a different title, Wario Blast!.
  • Speed Wars - ???
  • Exocet - ???


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