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Soon you will get tired, Alex. You will drown. Or perhaps it will be fast and you will drift into the embrace of friend. You see him… no? It is an embrace to be desired. It will kill you. The pain, I think will be beyond the imagination of a child. It is a pity, Alex Rider, that MI6 chose to send you here. They will not be seeing you again.

—Vole spectating Alex inside the jellyfish tank

Nadia Vole is the tertiary antagonist in Stormbreaker. She is an assistant and henchman of Herod Sayle.

Vole is described as being broad-shouldered and severe, having a thick German accent, blonde hair, and a moon-shaped face. She also wears wire framed spectacles and yellow lipstick, and is said to walk like a soldier.

Role in series


Vole appears to be responsible for the majority of Alex Rider’s welfare whilst he is staying at the home of Herod Sayle under the guise of Felix Lester, guiding him around, keeping an eye on him, and informing him of what is to occur and when. This is most probably because her job is (said in the movie) "to deal with public and media affairs" considering the fact that Felix (Alex) is at Sayle Enterprises due to him supposedly winning a compitition in a magazine When she catches Alex sneaking around, however, her "poisoned honey" voice indicates that she is restraining herself with regards to him and is instead not pleased to have him around.

When Alex is attacked by two men on quad bikes while on a walk later on, Vole is one of the two people he suspects to have sent them after him, as she suggested Alex took a walk in the first place (the other being Mr. Grin, as he actually saw Alex leave the compound). The day before this Alex had snuck out and had seen Vole conversing with Yassen Gregorovich while they were overseeing the deliveries of what Alex later learns is the smallpox virus Sayle intends to place in the computers he would send to schools around the country.

After Alex is caught and learns of Sayle’s plan , Vole comes to release him and declares that she is secretly on his side, though was helpless to try and stop Sayle before. After she frees him, she tricks him and puts him inside a tank containing Sayle’s Portugese Man-o’War, for him to either drown or be stung to death by the jellyfish. However, Alex uses the metal-eroding zit-cream the inventor Smithers gave him before he left to break the tank, releasing thousands of litres of water into the room and causing the jellyfish to fall on top of Vole, who is promptly stung to death.


  • Vole introduces herself as "Fräulein" Vole, and is occasionally referred to as this throughout the novel: the term "Fräulein" is a German courtesy title usually placed before the name of an unmarried woman or girl (like the way ‘Miss’ is used in English speaking countries.)
  • Felix Lester appears as Kevin Blake in the movie Stormbreaker (released 2006)
  • Nadia Vole is presumed to like the movie Stormbreaker, because she is seen watching it with Mr. Grin in a portion of a 10- minute movie about the three primary workers for Herod Sayle.

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