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Imagine swinging a conker on a piece of string around your hand. If you slow down, the conker will fall and hit your hand. And there you have it. The conker is the space station; your hand is the earth. It doesn't cause a great deal to cause one to crash into the other. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

—Nikolei Drevin reveals he planted a bomb into the heart of Ark Angel so it would purposefully crash into the Pentagon and erase all files of him on the CIA's database

Operation Ark Angel was a project spearheaded by Nikolei Drevin.


The aim was to destroy the Pentagon, thus wiping out the evidence the authorities had stashed against Drevin; while also destroying Ark Angel, allowing Drevin to claim insurance.


Drevin planned to use 'Gabriel 7' to deliver a bomb onto the space hotel, the detonation of which would cause the two events highlighted above.


Alex Rider was able to escape from his cell and later assaulted Drevin's hideout. He tied a couple of canoes to the millionaire's escape plane and then confronted him. Drevin tried to shoot Rider, but wounded his son instead. He headed for his plane, and crashed it into a bank of trees, killing himself. As for the Ark Angel, Rider later infiltrated it and killed Kaspar by impaling him on a knife blade. He then shifted the bomb to the centre of the structure, causing Ark Angel to disintegrate in space and preventing it from destroying the Pentagon.