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That is what Eagle Strike is all about, Alex. The start of a new golden age. A day day when all humanity will come together and rejoice. That day is now. My time has finally arrived.

—Damian Cray describing Eagle Strike to Alex Rider

Operation Eagle Strike was a project spearheaded by Damian Cray.


The aim was the destroy drug plantations around the planet using nuclear missiles controlled aboard Air Force One.


Damian Cray first contacted Charlie Roper, who worked with the NSA, to access Air Force One, and killed him when he had made some mistakes. He then captured Sabrina Pleasure, and threatened to mutilate her unless Rider, who had stolen the nuclear codes, handed them over.

Using the codes Roper gave him, Cray orchestrated a chemical attack at Heathrow Airport. He then hijacked Air Force One and planned to complete his plan from there.


When he was on the plane, Cray became fed up with Alex Rider and Sabrina Pleasure. He called for Yassen Gregorovitch to shoot them, but the assassin refused to, claiming he did not kill children. Infuriated, Cray shot Yassen and then Alex. Before he could fire on Sabrina, Rider, who had a flak jacket, tackled him, leading to a fistfight between all three. Eventually, Cray was shoved off the plane with a metal trolley and vaporised by engine number 2; when it ingested the trolley, the engine suffered a flameout and the plane crash-landed. When she recovered, Sabrina hurried to the missile room and self-destroyed the nuclear missiles.