Operation Poison Dawn

Something terrible is happening in Kenya. A dreadful plague has hit the land and nobody knows how it started. But people are dying. In their thousands. The oldest and youngest have been the thirst to go. Animals are not immune. African wildlife is being decimated, this beautiful country is in the grip of a nightmare

—First Aid charity commercial regarding Poison Dawn

Operation Poison Dawn was a project spearheaded by Desmond McCain.


It attempted to kill thousands of people in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania with a plague engineered by Leonard Straik, allowing McCain to become rich when he used the front of the charity First Aid to collect donations due to the disaster.


McCain first had Greenfields engineer a poison called ricin for crops that would kill half the population of Africa, then make hundreds of millions of pounds during the first few months of the plague. He then intends to steal the money before running away and assuming a new identity in South America.


Alex Rider deployed a bomb on a dam close to the wheat fields, causing a torrent of water to flood them and thus rendering McCain's plan useless. McCain was later set aflame by Rider's exploding gel pen and a barrel of fuel before he could shoot Alex.

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