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This article pertains to the son of Michael Roscoe from the TV series. You may be looking for Michael Roscoe's son in the novel Point Blanc, Paul Roscoe.

Parker Roscoe is a minor antagonist and a clone impersonating the real Parker Roscoe, the heir to Michael J. Roscoe's media empire.


The real Parker Roscoe, being a YouTube influencer, had disdain for his father and his business, even going so far as to throw a pie in his father's face while speaking to the media for a prank. This prompted Michael to send his son to Point Blanc Academy, but the Parker who returned was a clone. As such, he held no love for Michael either, instead seeing his fellow clones as his family and his originator, Dr. Greif, as a father figure.

Role in Series

Season One

After the real Parker Roscoe was sent to Point Blanc, and studied for an appropriate length of time by one of Dr. Greif's clones, the clone was sent back to Michael Roscoe as an impostor. Like all of Dr. Greif's clones, his behavior was exceedingly odd, which tips off Michael that this is not the real Parker; however, he's assassinated before he can take action, leaving the clone as the new CEO of Roscorp Media. At Dr. Greif's direction, Parker immediately begins making aggressive moves to buy out competitors across Europe, which draws further attention from MI6 and Alan Blunt.

When Alan speaks with Parker, Parker mentions a quote that his "father" used to say, which was actually from Mein Kampf, something highly uncharacteristic of Michael Roscoe. MI6 eventually deduces that Parker was referring to his progenitor, Dr. Greif, and that Parker is a clone. They catch him preparing to murder Tom Harris and arrest him. The real Parker, still a captive in Point Blanc, begs Alex Rider for a rescue, and is eventually freed by MI6. The clone Parker remains in MI6 custody.