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Alex Rider: But that's monstrous! He's your son!
Nikolei Drevin: Maybe a little pain would have toughened him up, the boy is too soft. And one day he is going to inherit billions. The whole world will be his. Is one little finger to much to ask in return?
Alex Rider: It must be great having you as a dad!

Nikolei Drevin discussing his son with Alex Rider

Paul Drevin is the son of the Russian multi-billionaire Nikolei Drevin.


Being the son of a multi-billionaire, Paul often found himself shunted from country to country with his father on business trips. He learned to either make friends quickly and just as soon let them go or not make friends at all, he often chose the latter option. It is shown that he was seen as lonely by Alex Rider during his time in St. Dominic's.

Paul grew up surrounded by luxury and is seemingly well accoustomed to it as well.


It was revealed in Ark Angel that Paul has asthma. His reason for the stay in the hospital while Alex was there is appendicitis.

Ark Angel

Paul Drevin was first introduced in Ark Angel. He had a short stay in room eight of St. Dominic's Hospital for appendicitis. Alex Rider was recovering from the bullet wound he sustianed in the novel Scorpia in room nine and often had friendly encounters with the youngest Drevin.

Paul's father ordered his faux environmental terrosism group (see Force Three) to kidnap his son from his room in St. Dominic's. He aimed to further suspicion from himself as the American CIA was investigating him at the time and also saw the kidnapping of Paul as a way to strengthen his son and future heir.

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