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This is a 'day by day' timeline of the events occurring in Point Blanc', the second book in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. It begins with the death of Michael J. Roscoe in the prologue and ends with Alex Rider's fight with his clone on the roof of his school. It should be noted that this timeline was created using the UK edition of the novel, and the events that occur here take place about a week after the events of Stormbreaker.

For a timeline of the entire series, please visit this page.



Sometime between the 2nd and the 10th of April, business man Michael J. Roscoe died after falling sixty floors down a lift shaft. An assassin known as The Gentleman, one of the best contract killers in the world, causes this to happen by disguising himself as Sam Green, a maintenance worker, and putting a hologram in the place of a real lift. Roscoe’s body is found one day later.

Day One - 10th April

Alex leaves school one day and notices a white car with Skoda, a drug dealer inside, parked up outside school. Angry about Skoda's involvement with supplying drugs to the students of his school, Alex follows the car back to Skoda’s boat, which serves as his home.  After locking its doors, Alex uses a crane to lift the barge up. The stanchion of the crane then breaks and the barge falls into a police conference meeting, instead of the police car park as Alex intended. No one is killed, but Alex is taken to the police station nearby, and stays overnight.

Day Two - 11th April

At 7am, Crawley arrives and takes Alex to see Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones. To avoid trouble with the police over the incident with the drug dealers, Alex accepts a mission from them. Alex is to go undercover as Alex Friend, son of billionaire Sir David Friend, and will go to the Point Blanc Academy five days later to investigate the actions of Dr. Hugo Grief, the director of the institution.

Day Three - 12th April

Alex’s physical appearance is changed. He arrives at the home of Sir David Friend and meets him, his wife, and their daughter Fiona. At 7pm, he goes to dinner and is treated with hostility by Fiona.

Day Five - 14th April

Alex is invited by Fiona to go hunting with her and her friends. He leaves after a while and is chased by the others who shoot after him. After hiding in the lake, he attacks the leader from behind and throws his gun into the water before heading back to the house. Alex spends the evening reading the information files about his ‘family’.

Day Six - 15th April

Dr. Grief and his assistant, Eva Stellenbosch, discuss Alex's arrival at the academy the next day. Alex and Fiona go out riding and take a shortcut through a train tunnel on the way back to the house. However, Fiona falls off in the tunnel, and Alex goes back to bring her out, managing to do so just as the train arrives. Fiona apologizes for her treatment of Alex.

Day Seven - 16th April

Mrs Stellenbosch arrives to pick Alex up and take him to the academy. Alex meets with Smithers and receives some gadgets . He says goodbye to the Friend family and leaves with Mrs Stellenbosch to Paris. Alex’s food is drugged that night, and his entire body is photographed for unknown reasons. He recalls nothing of this experience in the morning.

Day Eight - 17th April

Alex arrives at the Point Blanc Academy. He is taken by Mrs Stellenbosch to meet Dr. Grief, who tells him that for the next few weeks, he is to conform to life in the academy. He soon meets another student, James Sprintz, who gives him a tour and tells him a little about how weird the academy is. Alex is left in his room to unpack, though after hearing a bell leaves to go to dinner. He finds a locked door and sets off an alarm by touching it. After explaining what happened to Mrs Stellenbosch, Alex goes downstairs, suspicious of what is going on at the academy.

Day Fifteen - 24th April

Alex makes some notes on the other students in the academy as he sits in his room. After speculating that Dr. Grief may be brainwashing the boys into behaving, he leaves deliberately late to go to dinner at 1pm. Soon after, James talks to Alex and informs him of his plans to leave the academy. Alex decides not to go with him when asked.

Day Sixteen - 25th April

Alex has a nightmare and wakes at 2:15am. He realises his door has been locked and uses a gadget from Smithers to leave through the window. He sneaks through the main door to see James being dragged away by Mrs Stellenbosch and two guards. After entering the room he’d seen James dragged in and finding it empty, he decides to go back to his room. Walking past James’ room, he notices James inside it, just waking up. Alex decides to investigate the second floor before going to bed. In the morning, he realises that something is wrong with James and climbs up the chimney to the second floor at 9am, whilst everyone was in lessons. Reaching the second floor, he finds a duplicate environment to the one downstairs and an operating theatre. He sees Dr. Grief kill a man who was working on the ‘Gemini Project’. Alex sneaks back down to his room and takes a shower after pressing the panic button on his walkman gadget. MI6 receive the signal and decide to wait twenty four hours before responding.

Day Seventeen - 26th April

Alex investigates the library again and finds a hidden lift behind a suit of armour. He goes down and finds the other students locked in cells, claiming that the ones on the other floor acting strangely are clones. As Alex begins to leave, saying he’ll get help, he is knocked unconscious by Mrs Stellenbosch. He wakes in the evening and learns of Dr Grief’s plan, being told that he’ll be dissected in the morning.

Day Eighteen - 27th April

At 2am, Alex escapes the academy using an ironing board as a snowboard, flying over a train and hitting a wire covered fence on the way down. He is taken to a hospital and learns from Mrs Jones that Dr. Grief believes he is dead. Alex is told they are to storm the academy that night, Wolf from K-Unit being the leader. When they do, Wolf kills Mrs Stellenbosch, and Alex goes on to kill Dr. Grief with a snowmobile.

Day Twenty-Two - 1st May

It's a bank holiday in England. Alex speaks with Blunt and Mrs Jones about what happened, before leaving to go home. He is told to go and see his head teacher, Mr Bray, at 3pm. He goes to find a clone of himself instead of Mr Bray, and they fight on the roof of the science block. One falls and dies, and it is left unknown which Alex was killed.


  • The dates given in this timeline may not be wholly accurate, as they have been created based on the little information in the books (the only specified date is in the final chapter, when it is said to be May 1) and with the help of the wiki's Stormbreaker timeline and a 2001 calendar, as this was the year the novel is set in.