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The Prime Minister (also known as the PM) appears in several of the Alex Rider novels, including Stormbreaker, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, and Crocodile Tears.


He was the man who governed Britain in the early 21st Century. He took power in the early 21st Century, likely either 2000 or 2001.

Role in Series


In the novel Stormbreaker it was revealed that he went to school with Herod Sayle and used to bully the other boy. Eventually, Sayle would become an industrialist and he would become PM. When Sayle intended to launch the Stormbreaker computer, the Prime Minister was invited to attend the opening. At the Science Museum launch party and press conference, Alex Rider parachuted in through the roof and used a gun to shoot the controls, also accidentally catching the PM in the hand. Alex stopped the PM from inadvertently killing thousands of children should the computers had been acivated.[1]

In the Stormbreaker movie, he slipped up in public and called Sayle "Darrius Smell." After Alex destroyed the button, Darrius, in frustration, called him a twerp and punched him before leaving.

Eagle Strike

It is stated in Eagle Strike that he opposes MI6 because he cannot control them. He has been trying to shut them down for a long time.[2]


He was seen again in Scorpia, during the Invisible Sword crisis when he was left to deal with SCORPIA. He co-ordinated the removal of the satellite dishes with Sir Graham Adair, Alan Blunt and Mark Kellner.[3]

Crocodile Tears

The PM is introduced in Crocodile Tears as the newly elected head of the British government. He meets with Alan Blunt and Tulip Jones to discuss the situation in Kenya and the threat posed by Desmond McCain. Under pressure by his advisers, the Prime Minister decided to sanction a strike against the fields that McCain had infected by launching an airborn strike by a Phantom unit. Although Alex Rider, who had provided the information about McCain, was still in the fields and Blunt wanted him out of the country and safe before the attack begun, the Prime Minister decided that he was willing to risk one life to save thousands despite the odds that the strike could fail. This earned him Blunt and Mrs. Jones's contempt.

Near the end of the novel Crocodile Tears, the PM has trouble believing that Alex Rider's claims about the genetically modified crops are true, and reflects upon Alan Blunt's age in relation to how longer he should hold his job.[4][5]

Personal life

As it was necessary for every PM in the UK, MI6 kept an eye on the Prime Minister and Blunt knew everything about him from the state of his marriage (happy) to his favorite color (blue). He also likes Dutch paintings. [citation needed]


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