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Despite everything, Rahim had come back for him and saved him - a third time. Alex hasn't even had a chance to thank him

—Alex Rider's reaction to Rahim's death

Rahim is a minor character appearing briefly in the novel Crocodile Tears.


Rahim is Asian and described as fit, having very dark skin and close-cropped hair. During the novel Crocodile Tears, his leg was badly injured and caused a slight limp in his step.


Rahim is a RAW operative. He volunteered no personal information about himself other than his occupation, though one can infer that he must have been high-up in his organization to receive the task of assassinating Desmond McCain in the novel Crocodile Tears.

Crocodile Tears

Alex Rider and Rahim first met in Scotland, although Alex is unaware of who he is at the time. Rahim rescued Alex, Sabina, and Edward Pleasure after their car was shot off the road and into the nearby loch. They were driving back to their vacation home after a Christmas party in a castle in the possession of Desmond McCain. He rushed them to a hospital and left just as quickly without so much as leaving his name.

Later on in the novel, Rahim appeared again, saving Alex from interrogation by stabbing and killing McCain's lover, Dr. Myra Bennett. As they escaped into the surrounding jungle together, he reveals his name to the boy and explains that he was the mysterious man who saved him in Scotland. At his makeshift camp under a Kigelia Africana tree Rahim informed Alex of his work with RAW and why he was there: to destroy Desmond McCain. McCain had apparently engineered the fallout of an Indian nuclear power-plant and in the process killed thousands of Indian citizens. RAW had somehow come into the know, and being the division famous for their vengeful nature, bequeathed the assassination of McCain on Rahim.

Rahim explained that he had originally planned to shoot McCain straight out, but after witnessing the tight security around the man, decided to detonate a bomb on his four-seater Cessna Skyhawk with McCain on board.

Briefly, the man allowed Alex to use his laptop to contact the Intelligence Bureau in New Deli in hopes that they'd forward a message to Military Intelligence Six informing them of Alex's safety.

Rahim let slip about the Simba Dam, and Alex, seeing an opportunity to destroy the infected crop, tried to convince the other operative to allow him to use his bomb (intended for McCain) to blow the dam. Rahim refused, and after a short argument, he passed out from his leg injury. Alex then stole off with the bomb with the intent to destroy the dam.

After the bomb Alex placed had detonated, Rahim had woken seen Alex wasn't with him and flew to Simba Dam in the Piper J-3 Cub, knowing what Alex's plan was. He saved Alex yet again by flying the plane close to the water, with a rope trailing from behind the plane so Alex could grab the rope and Rahim could fly him away from the disintegrating dam. Rahim flew the plane to Laikipia and argued again with Alex for leaving him behind at the camp and taking the bomb.

Halfway through the argument Rahim is shot by Desmond McCain, instantly dying.

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