Ravi Chandra
Biographical Information
Name Ravi Chandra
Alias Ravi Chandra
Title None
DOB Unknown
Age about 30-40
Physical Information
Status Deceased (vaporised by explosion)
Nationality Indian from Chennai
Gender Male
Relationship Information
Family Married with two young boys
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation Nuclear Engineer at Jowada Chennai
Series Information
First Appearance CROCODILE TEARS(Ch 1 Fire Star )
Last Appearance CROCODILE TEARS(Ch 1 Fire Star )
Mentioned CROCODILE TEARS(Ch 21 Margin of error) CROCODILE TEARS(Ch 18 All for Charity)but not by name
How much do they pay you at Jowada? Only fifteen thousand rupees a month? A child couldn't live on that amount, and you have a wife and family. These people! They cheat the honest worker. Maybe it was time they learnt a lesson [...] But for you, my friend, it will mean a new life. Everything you ever wanted can be yours...

—Ravi Chandra being bribed

Ravindra Manpreet Chandra is a minor antagonist in Crocodile Tears.


Chandra has a family of young children whom he wanted to take to Disneyland but he is bribed by Desmond McCain via a friend of Ravi’s cousin Jagdish who worked in the kitchen of a five-star hotel and a European to set off a bomb inside a power plant in Chennai, in order to poison the land and help McCain raise money for his fake charity. Chandra is told that the bomb has a ten minute delay, giving him enough time to plant it and escape. However, Chandra is betrayed by McCain, as there is in fact it is a suicide bomb and there is no delay. Therefore, Chandra is vaporized in the explosion.


Ravi Chandra dreamed of being rich and owning a large house with a fridge full of beer. Because of this greed he ended up almost destroying Chennai. Like almost all Indians he liked Bollywood, the Indian equivalent of Hollywood-to the extent that he had a pin up of the Bollywood heroine Shilpa Shetty pinned up in his locker, perhaps unbeknownst to his wife. He also watched sport, and wanted to watch cricket in London.

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