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Royal & General Bank is the faux bank MI6 uses to disguise their base of operations in the Alex Rider series.


The fake Royal & General Bank is located on Liverpool Street in London, England. It is unknown whether or not this is their only branch, or just MI6's headquarters.


Alex Rider, the protagonist of the Alex Rider book series, was first taken to Royal & General Bank when he was recruited by MI6 to complete the Stormbreaker mission after his Uncle Ian was killed before they could rondevous. Before this time, he had no knowledge of his uncle working for Britain's secret services and only heard of Ian's job as being referred to as "banking."

Eagle Strike

Alex Rider attempted to show Sabina Pleasure that he was a spy for MI6, but was escorted out by security, and Sabina left Alex. He was later approached by Mrs. Jones, who explaind that Sabina could not have known about MI6


The sidewalk outside the front door of Royal & General Bank is where Alex Rider was shot in the chest by a SCORPIA hired sniper. After his surgery and near death, Mrs jones informed Alex that they would no longer use the front door since their HQ seemed to be so well known to the criminal world.


  • Whenever Alex is to be briefed on a new mission, he is normally brought (usually unwillingly) into the Bank and informed on the mission parameters by Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones.
  • The only exceptions to the above are in:
    • Stormbreaker, where he is briefed in a training school.
    • Eagle Strike, where he is told the bank actually exists; MI6 then informs him the main antagonist Damian Cray was a charitable saint.
    • SCORPIA, where he tells a group of government officials about his story in the Cabinet Office Briefing Room (COBRA).
    • Snakehead, where he is ambushed by Ben Daniels and taken to a secret place in Thailand.
    • Ark Angel, where the CIA intercepts Alex at a New York airport and tell him of Drevin's connections with terrorism.
    • SCORPIA Rising, where Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones physically visit Alex.