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"For the last few years, the British government has been developing a second generation of Daisy Cutters. They've managed to create a similar type of bomb except that it's a little smaller and it's more powerful, with an even greater shock wave. They gave it a codename, Royal Blue, and they'd built a prototype at a secret laboratory just outside London."

-Mrs Jones explains Royal Blue

“It’s... a very special bomb . . . a prototype. As far as I know, there is only one in existence. The British have given it a code name. They call it Royal Blue.”

-Major Yu tells the SCORPIA members about Royal Blue

Royal Blue, also known as the Daisy Cutter, was the codename for a British prototype bomb that was meant to be the equivalent of an incredibly powerful American bomb used in Vietnam and Afghanistan. It appears in the novel Snakehead.


Royal Blue was stolen by Scorpia from a weapons research center just outside London and was to be used in an attempt to stop a press conference addressing poverty. The bomb was intended to be placed in an oil well deep beneath the sea, just above a fault line off the coast of northwest Australia. When the time was right, the bomb would be detonated, causing a massive Tsunami. Not only would this destroy the press conference, cause mass destruction of northwest Australia, and kill thousands of people, but it would also net Winston Yu and his snakehead millions of dollars. The Chada Trading Agency had shares in several construction companies that would be used to rebuild the Australian coast. Unwin Toys would ship toys to the new orphans in northwestern Australia, paid for by the Australian government. Alex Rider, however, managed to detonate the bomb before it could be driven all the way into the sea floor, and the shock wave caused by the detonation was not enough to create the tsunami that Winston Yu was trying to achieve. Ironically, the shockwave killed Yu when his bones were shattered.