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Sasha is a minor antagonist and a clone impersonating a student at Point Blanc Academy.


As one of Dr. Greif's clones (albeit with female chromosomes set at birth), Sasha interacted with her fellow clones, particularly Arrash, as siblings, and saw Dr. Greif as her father. She was surgically altered by Dr. Baxter to appear like the real Sasha so that she could effectively impersonate Sasha and inherit Sasha's parents' empire. However, as a clone, she was never quite right, which earned her the distrust and revulsion of the non-clones. As an example, Alex Rider rejected her advances completely out of hand, despite her narcissistic view that she was the prettiest student at Point Blanc.

Role in Series

Season One

Alex and James watch Sasha and Arrash's unnerving ping pong match

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Initially, Sasha's strange behavior is observed by the non-clones with revulsion. Her speech was robotic, the way she ate in complete sync with Arrash was disturbing, and the way she played ping pong in perfect rhythm with Arrash was positively unnerving. When the non-clones began to desire to escape, Eva Stellenbosch frequently used Sasha and Arrash as her eyes and ears, sending them to apprehend the originals on at least one occasion. When Point Blanc was invaded by MI6, Sasha and Arrash were the first to be subdued by MI6 agents and captured. The real Sasha was then recovered and released from captivity.