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Anthony Horowitz announced in March 2016 that he will be publishing a collection of Alex Rider short stories. 


An essential collection of seven explosive Alex Rider stories by number one bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz.

Ever since MI6 recognized his potential, Alex Rider has constantly been thrust into the line of danger. From a routine visit to the dentist that turns into a chase through the streets of London, to a school trip with a deadly twist, no day has ever been ordinary for the teenage super-spy. This collection of thrilling adventures features familiar and new assailants from the best-loved world of Alex Rider and also includes three never-before-seen stories.

Anthony Horowitz's announcements

"Well, it was when Walker Books asked me to polish some pre-published short stories that I realized I’d rather missed my reluctant teenaged spy. In truth, I thought I must have run out of action sequences, secret gadgets and plots to destroy the world. But as I set about rewriting I found that quite the opposite was true. Almost as an experiment, I started a new story, a 15,000-word novella called Alex in Afghanistan. It was jammed with action sequences and had a terrific new villain. There was even a twist at the end. I loved writing it. "

"My publishers have wanted a collection of Alex Rider short stories for a long time. There are half a dozen stories I’ve written over the years for newspapers and magazines, and they wanted to bring them together. It wasn’t going to be enough for a whole book, so I’m writing the other half as a sort of novella to give it the paper-length it needs – and I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I am, but it’s actually going very well."

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Expected Stories

  • Alex in Afghanistan
  • The Man with Eleven Fingers
  • High Tension
  • Secret Weapon
  • Tea with Smithers
  • Christmas at Gunpoint
  • Spy Trap

More details of each story can be found here.