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Serpent is the fourth episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the twelfth episode overall.


In order to learn more about the mysterious video game phenomenon Feathered Serpent and its upcoming sequel, Alex must infiltrate a prestigious event and confront the charismatic billionaire behind the game, Damian Cray.


Having found him dead previously, MI6 investigate the hideout of Smoking Mirror. Mrs Jones comes to the conclusion that there may be hidden cameras which may contain further information they can use. They are able to find some.

Owing to his recent obsession with Feathered Serpent, Damian Cray tasks his staff to track down the top player of the game. His staff find this difficult, however.

Alex and Sabina meet, and Alex tells her what he knows about the explosion which targeted her father's life. Sabina becomes convinced that Alex is crazy and tells Alex to stay well clear of her in the future.

Speaking wwith Smithers, Alex asks him about Damian and questions if he knows anything about Charlie Roper; Charlie is a man who knew Sabina's father and also works with Damian.

Alex is able to speak privately with Charlie via the help of Tom. The two discuss the attempted murder of Ed, Sabina's father. The two also briefly discuss Damian's obsession with Feathered Serpent. Charlie suggests that Alex pose as the top player of the game (known as K7) in order to gain more understanding of the game.

At the pre-launch event, Alex plays a virtual reality version of the game, and is almost beaten by the game, but manages to escape the game and win with the aid of the real K7 — a girl named Kyra.

Damian and Yassen later talk and Damian is furious and tells him of a player that ruined his game. Yassen is aware that this is Alex and tells him not to worry.