Sir David Friend
Biographical Information
Name Sir David Friend
Alias --
Title Sir
DOB Unknown
Age Unknown
Physical Information
Status Active
Nationality British
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Skin Caucasian
Relationship Information
Family Fiona Friend (daughter); Caroline Friend (wife)
Affiliations Prime Minister
Occupation Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance Point Blanc
Last Appearance Point Blanc
Alex Rider: Friend... As in Friend's supermarkets?
Tulip Jones: Supermarkets. Department stores. Art galleries. Football teams. Friend is certainly a member of the same club as Roscoe. The billionaires' club. He's also heavily involved in government circles, as personal adviser to the prime minister very little happens in this country without Sir David Friend being involved in some way

Tulip Jones and Alex Rider discuss Sir David Friend

Sir David Friend is a multi billionaire in the Alex Rider series, he appears in the novel Point Blanc, where Alex Rider is forced to spy on Point Blanc Academy where Dr. James Grief was suspected of plotting to replace the sons of powerful men.

Physical Appearance

He has curling gray hair, glasses, and a rather aristocratic air about him.

Role in Series

Point Blanc

Alex must convince the academy he is the son of David Friend to be admitted to the school (which only accepts the "troubled" thirteen to fourteen year old sons of rich family). David Friend agrees in the pretendence, but he isn't happy about using a child as a spy.

Alex spends two weeks with the family under the disguise of a troubled child.


He also has a daughter, named Fiona Friend. He is married to Lady Caroline Friend.


He is a tycoon of grocery supermarkets, and Dr. Hugo Grief says he has the Prime Minister's ear.


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