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Skeleton Key: The Graphic Novel is the graphic novel adaption to the Alex Rider novel Skeleton Key.


Antony Johnston, an award-winning British author known for his post-apocalyptic comic series Wasteland, adapted the Skeleton Key novel to comic format. The artists of the graphic novel are known as Yuzuru and Kanako, two sisters who have co-illustrated many titles including The Five Ancestors series and all the current Alex Rider graphic novels.


Walker Books (UK)

An explosive graphic novel adaptation of Alex Rider's third thrilling mission.

Reluctant teenage superspy Alex Rider is useful to MI6 in ways an adult could never be. Now they need his help once again. But a routine reconnaissance mission at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships sets off a terrifying chain of events for Alex that sees him on the run from a murderous Chinese triad gang. Forced to hide out, Alex is sent to Cayo Esqueleto – Skeleton Key – an island near Cuba. Waiting for him there is General Alexei Sarov – a coldly insane Russian with explosive plans to rewrite history. Alex faces his most dangerous challenge yet. Alone, and equipped only with a handful of gadgets, Alex must outwit Sarov as the seconds tick away towards the end of the world...


The plot of the graphic novel revolves around that of the book, with few exceptions sans those mentioned below.

Differences from Novel

Sabina Pleasure makes an appearance in Skeleton Key: The Graphic Novel as well in the graphic novels preceding this installation. In the original Alex Rider novels, Pleasure is not introduced until Skeleton Key (where they meet as ballboy and ballgirl at Wimbleton) and so their long-standing friendship deviates from the novel. 

Also, when Alex attacks the Salesman in the novel he is described as being barefoot, while in the graphic novel he is still wearing surf shoes.

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