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It seemed incredible to Alex that Skoda could get away with it so easily, dealing his little packets in broad daylight. But of course there was a code of honour in the school. No one turned anyone into the police, not even a rat like Skoda

—Alex Rider thinking about Skoda

Skoda is a minor antagonist in Point Blanc. He also appears in the short story "Alex Rider: Secret Weapon."


Skoda is a drug dealer who lives on a barge and sells drugs to many of the pupils at Alex Rider's school, Brookland Comprehensive. No one knows what his real name is, so the students named him after the make of his car (however, there are rumours that his real name is Jake).

Skoda succeeded in making one of Alex's best friends become a drug addict, and as revenge, Alex used a crane in a building site to pick Skoda's barge out of the water and drop it next to a police station. However, the barge falls out of the crane's grip and smashes down into a conference centre, with Skoda still inside. The conference being held there was, ironically, based on winning the war against drugs, and Alan Blunt later told Alex that Skoda would be in hospital for three months.

He returned in the short story Secret Weapon where he attempted  to get revenge on Alex. His plan inevitably failed. The story can be found at: