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"I didn't think you'd make it", he said. Alex couldn't help but notice a certain warmth in the mans voice. And for the first time, he didn't call him "Double 0 Nothing"

—Snake being friendly with Alex

"Snake" is the pseudonym for a minor character in the first Alex Rider novel, Stormbreaker, as part of the Alex Rider's training unit in the SAS training camp, Brecon Beacons. Snake then returns (recast) in Season One of the Alex Rider TV series, which covers the events of the Point Blanc novel.


He is described as having a Scottish accent, fair hair, and a lithe body.


Nothing is really known about his life outside of Brecon Beacons. His true name is never mentioned.

Role in Series


Snake is part of Alex Rider's unit (see K-Unit) in the novel Stormbreaker. Unlike Wolf, he doesn't show open resentment to Alex (Cub at the time) just because he is a minor in the camp.

A growing theme on fanfiction is that Snake is the medic of the team.

Stormbreaker (film)

In the movie Stormbreaker, the motion picture adaption of the first Alex Rider novel, Snake's role is replaced by an African man named Bear.

Season One

In Season One of the Alex Rider TV series, Snake's name remains unchanged, although he is replaced with a mixed race woman who works for Wolf. She is particularly vocal, even convincing Wolf (with the help of Fox and Eagle) to stop torturing Alex Rider because he is a minor. However, Alex uses this opportunity to escape, so Snake works with her compatriots to surround him once more until Mrs. Jones arrives to end the exercise.

Snake returns for the raid on Point Blanc Academy, working closely with Fox to round up Dr. Greif's clones. When Alex Rider is kidnapped by Eva Stellenbosch during the operation, Snake and Fox interrogate the clone of Kyra Vashenko-Chao, to no avail, so they simply try to break down the door to reach Alex. While Snake completely fails to break down the door, an explosion on the other side blasts it open and knocks everyone down. Snake and Fox remain conscious, although the Kyra-clone is knocked out, so Snake and Fox enter and retrieve Alex for evacuation, rounding up the clones to be taken into custody as well.


  • His codename is possibly a reference to the similarly named character in Metal Gear.
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