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This is an article on the criminal organization Snakehead. You may be looking for the book Snakehead (novel).

Let me start by saying that the snakehead groups are without doubt the biggest and most dangerous criminal organisations in the world. Compared to them, the Mafia and the triads are amateurs. They have more influence - and they're doing more damage - than even al-Quaeda, but they're not interested in religion. They have no belief. All they want is money. That's the bottom line. They're gangsters but on a huge scale

—Ethan Brooks describes the Snakehead

The Snakehead is a criminal organizaion (or gang) that appeared in the novel Snakehead.


The Snakehead is a criminal organizaion, commanded by Major Winston Yu. They often aided SCORPIA in their schemes. They were called by ASIS "as brutal as they come."

The Snakehead control the trade of illegeal items such as reproduced DVD's and CD's, human organs and other body parts, slaves, and drugs. They operate the largest illegal organs market and take from the living or dead whether or not they were willing to donate.

Ethan Brooke reported that in this century alone the Snakehead have supplied arms such as shoulder-launched missiles and AK-47s to aid at least fifty wars around the world. They supply terrorists and governments with biological weapons, guns, and bombs. Stolen paintings, slave mined diamonds, plundered artifacts, elephant tusks and tiger skin rugs are a few more illegal items they trade.

Brooke compares the Snakehead to an international supermarket, "everything they sell is bad."

One of the more despicable acts of the Snakehead is selling a hundred kids on the island of Haiti cough medicine that contained anti-freeze, inevitably killing them all.

The Snakehead's largest money-maker, however, is in people smuggling. They ship people worldwide illegally into other countries in vehicles like boats (such as the Liberian Star) at a high price. Half of them are under the age of eighteen, making Alex Rider the perfect agent for the job Ethan Brooke proposed in the novel Snakehead.


Yu used the organization in accordance with SCORPIA's scheme to smuggle the bomb codenamed Royal Blue into Australia. Alex Rider was also endangered by them during the novel Snakehead when he worked undercover as an Afgan refugee, they sent him against the Muay Thai wrestler named Sunthorn.

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