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The Special Air Service (SAS) is an organization first appearing in the novel Stormbreaker.[1]


There are different divisions of the Special Air Services worldwide. Australia and Britain have similar training regimens for their SAS recruits, and are often referred to by the first letter of the country they trained for and the initials "SAS" (such as: Australian SAS = ASAS). Within the Alex Rider series, they are often only referred to as just "SAS."[2]

The British SAS (BSAS) are the most elite unit in the British Armed Forces, and are used many times both in the real world and in the Alex Rider series. Founded during World War II to wreak havoc behind enemy lines, the BSAS are still some of the best armed forces today. They correspond to the American Marines. The BSAS usually parachute to enemy lines. They have seen action in World War II, the Falklands War, and the Iraq War.[3][4]

Role in Alex Rider Series

The BSAS is the elite division of RAF used for their ground operations. Alex Rider and other MI6 agents have trained with them for combat, strength and stealth, just as CIA agents train with their military. Their role in each book follows.


Alex Rider is sent to train with the BSAS with the codename Cub. He is placed in a four-man squad. The codenames of each man are Fox, Wolf, Snake, and Eagle. After training, Alex is sent undercover to Sayle Enterprises.[1]

Point Blanc

The BSAS are sent to retrieve hostages at Point Blanc Academy and arrest Eva Stellenbosch and Hugo Grief.[5]


The BSAS manage to defeat SCORPIA's agents stationed at the Church of Forgotten Saints. One of their men witnesses the horrific death of Julia Rothman.[6]


Fox (who is revealed to be Ben Daniels) and the ASAS take over the Chada Trading Agency's Dragon Nine oil well and thwart Winston Yu.[2]

Members and Locations

In the Alex Rider series, there are few SAS members and locations mentioned.[7] See this list of characters and places related to the fictional SAS for more information.

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