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The Stingo Misquito Lotion gadget appears only in the novel Ark Angel.[1]


As with most of Military Intelligence Six gadgets, Stingo Mosquito Lotion was invented by Derek Smithers.[1][2]


Stingo Mosquito Lotion is not your ordinary bug repellant. In fact, it doesn't repel bugs at all, it attracts them, but not only mosquitoes, ALL bugs and insects.[1]

Known Uses

The lotion was used by Alex Rider in the novel Ark Angel to chase off the guards at a security checkpoint into the rocket launchpad in Flamingo Bay. Rider coated the guards' jackets with the lotion and all the bugs in the area attacked them, forcing them away from their post, out of their clothes, and into the showers.[1]


  • The Stingo Misquito Lotion gadget may be one of the most popular canon gadgets used in fanfiction. It is not uncommon to see it used or mentioned in fan works.[3]


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