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This is a "day by day" timeline of the events occurring in Stormbreaker, the first novel of the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. It begins with fourteen year old Alex Rider being notified of the death of his uncle, Ian Rider, and finishes with Alex's encounter with Yassen Gregorovich.[1] It should be noted that this timeline was created using the UK edition of the book.[1]

For a timeline of the entire series, please visit this page.


  • Day One
  • Day Three (?)
  • Ian's funeral
  • Alex meets Alan Blunt
  • Ian's office emptied
  • Day Four (?)
  • Alex visits car wrecking yard and discovers bullet holes on Ian's car
  • Day Five
  • Alex is asked to visit Royal & General Bank for the reveal of his uncle's will
  • Discovers his uncle was an MI6 agent
  • Blackmailed into Stormbreaker mission
  • Day Six (?)
  • Day Fourteen
  • Alex kicks Wolf out of helicopter
  • Day Fifteen
  • Alex departs from Brecon Beacons
  • Day Sixteen
  • Alex arrives at Port Tallon, home of the Stormbreaker computers, as Felix Lester
  • Alex tests a Stormbreaker computer
  • Day Seventeen
  • 2:00 am, Alex witnesses a submarine delivering crates under the watch of Yassen Gregorovich
  • Alex is found out by Nadia Vole and thrown in the jellyfish tank
  • Nadia dies
  • Alex kills Mr. Grin
  • Alex halts the launch of the Stormbreaker computers
  • Sayle is killed by Yassen[1]

Notes About The Timeline

  • Some of these dates are uncertain and need confirmation.
  • The extra Stormbreaker chapter "RTI," takes place on one day between the sixth and the fifteenth day of the novel (between day one and day eight of Alex’s training with the SAS).[1]  


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