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Strike is the eighth and final episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the sixteenth episode overall.


As Feathered Serpent 2 finally launches and the full scope of Cray’s plan is revealed, Alex races against the clock to avert a catastrophic attack.


Fearing that Damian and Yassen will hurt Sabina, Alex cooperates and hands back the property he stole — a thumbprint belonging to the President. Damian double crosses Alex and orders Yassen to kill the two, but he is reluctant and suggests they kepe them prisoner instead.

Damian heads to Air Force One with Sabina but Alex is able to escape and hides in a truck that is also heading towards Air Force One.

Tom heads over to Alex's house but finds his front door ajar. He informs MI6 of the incident who believe that the dinner is a trap; they are able to evacuate the president.

Meanwhile, at Air Force One, Damian is successfully able to get on board and awaits the release of the game. With the release of the game and the millions of logins, a super-computer is created — one powerful enough to hack into the nuclear launch codes. Damian is able to impersonate the president and set the nuclear warheads for launch.

Alex and Sabina try to stop Damian but Yassen is injured in the process. Alex is bested by Damian but is saved by Yassen moments later who kills Damian. Alex is able to stop the launch of the codes and is left a message by Yassen: "find Widow, find SCORPIA".