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Surf is the first episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the ninth episode overall.


Trying to put the memories of his deadly mission to Point Blanc behind him, Alex takes a holiday on the Cornish coast. But when an old foe resurfaces, Alex finds himself dragged back into the world of spycraft.


Alex's life has been difficult since Point Blanc, and he has been suffering from PTSD mixed with hallucinations of Yassen. Upon meeting with Jack, he suggests that he, Alex and Tom take a trip to Cornwall to help with Alex's situation.

Upon arriving in Cornwall, Tom becomes addicted to a new game, "Feathered Serpent". Meanwhile, Alex's situation deteriorates and he begins seeing Yassen once more. After chasing Yassen — a hallucination — he meets a girl named Sabina who is staying in a nearby lodge.

Alex later visits the lodge Sabina is staying in and asks her out to keep her distracted by a man Alex recognises as none other than Yassen himself; Alex puts this down to a hallucination, however, and dismisses the encounter.

Whulst leaving the lodge, however, a huge explosion occurs, blowing up the lodge. Alex enters the lodge to rescue Sabina's father. Alex tells the police about his supsicions about who could've set the explosion, but they are reluctant to believe him and explain that it was a gas leak; they believe he set off the explosion. Alex hands them a card to call which has the MI6 number on it, but when they try, the number is disconnected.

Alex returns home and returns to the site of the MI6 building, but finds that the location is empty. He is confused, but spots a camera watching him from above. On the other end of the camera, Alan watches Alex's behaviour.