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Journalist: What is the first game called?
Damian Cray: Feathered Serpent
Susan Wright: Is it a shoot-'em-up?
Damian Cray: Well, yes. It is a stealth game
Susan Wright: So it involves shooting?
Damian Cray: Yes
Susan Wright: It's well known that you have a dislike of violence, so how can you justify selling children violent games?

—Susan Wright questioning Damian Cray and the violence in his game, Feathered Serpent

Susan Wright was a journalist who appeared in the novel Eagle Strike. She was invited to the launch of Damian Cray's new Gameslayer console. During the presentation she asked rather awkward questions about the GameSlayer and what effect it would have on children. This led to her murder at the hands of Cray. After the presentation ended, she was leaving Hyde Park when a car came along and ran her over. Wether she died instantly or in hospital is unclear. Her death was avenged when Alex Rider and Sabina Pleasure pushed Cray into the engine of Air Force One.