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I always did have my doubts about you. Or rather I suspected that the CIA would try to infiltrate my operation and you seemed the most likely choice. How sad I am to have my fears confirmed

Nikolei Drevin

Tamara Knight is a minor protagonist in the novel Ark Angel.


She is first seen as a secretary for Nikolei Drevin when she acts cold towards Alex Rider. But when Drevin sends Alex on a scuba trip and tells his instructor, Kolo, to drown the boy, Tamara shows up and saves him. In Anthony Horowitz's words, she gives him a dazzling smile as though it was something she had wanted to do all along. When the two return to the island, meaning to escape, they encounter Force Three, and Tamara is shot in the shoulder. Force Three were alerted to their presence by a tripwire that she conveniently tripped over, which, although careless, was in a way extremely helpful. It gave Nikolei Drevin a chance to talk about why he was blowing up Ark Angel and alerted Alex to the entire plan. When the CIA gained control of the island, she received medical treatment and later recovered.


  • Tamara's name is a play on the words '"Tomorrow Night".

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