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Threats is the fifth episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the thirteenth episode overall.


To unlock the secrets of Feathered Serpent 2, Alex seeks expert assistance from an old friend. But with his own investigation spiralling out of control, how long before Blunt puts a stop to Alex’s dangerous inference?


Alex, Kyra, Tom and Jack discuss Feathered Serpent and the idea that the game could be hiding something within the code.

Meanwhile, at MI6, Alan tells Jo that she must cancel the presidents visit to the UK in order to protect his security.The president is a known associate and friend of Damian's and someone could be targeting him through Damian.

Damian is still furious that he was bested at his own event and asks his staff member Evelyn to look into who was pretending to be K7.

Suspicions around the use of the Feathered Serpent game come to a head when Charlie tells Sabina that he believes Alex. Kyra causes a power-cut around Alex's school which allows them to use the IT room to look into the code.

MI6, however, have other plans and bring Alex in after tracking him down at the school. They warn him once more about the dangers of looking into Damian Cray and tell him to stop. They later ask the latter to delay his event for his own security, but he is reluctant and refuses their request.

Aware that he has been leaking information to Sabina's father, Damian asks Charlie to stay close with him during the event.

Alex returns to the IT department of his school and they continue their dive into the code of the game. They find some redacted code that can only be accessed in Amsterdam. Alex, Kyra and Tom head to Amsterdam to access the redacted code.