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About Me

Hiya Alex Rider Wikia community. My name is classified, but you may call me WarriorLoverInc (WLI for short).

I've been a fan of Alex Rider since I read the first book and can barely wait for have read Scorpia Rising!

I'm not British but like to act like I am, so don't burst my bubble!

Since I never really trust myself with remembering facts accurately, when I edit wikia articles I mostly correct grammar, spelling, structure, or details that may be blaringly wrong.

Who Am I?

  • A super Alex Rider fan
  • Self proclaimed Alex Rider reporter
  • Self proclaimed Alex Rider Wiki affiliations coordinator
  • Wiki addict


All my active buddies on this wiki.


My Favorite Pages

To Do

  • Become Bureaucrat (or Admin)
  • Organize articles
  • Revamp articles


  • Vandalism message
Hello, this is User:WarriorLoverInc. If you read this, I ask politely that you cease vandalous activities on this wiki. To date, I have witnessed such activity on the Alan Blunt article, and reverted the changes appropriately. If you continue with this, you will be banned. The Alex Rider Wiki has a no tolerance policy for vandalism. I would ask that you please review our policy on vandalism.
Thank you for reconsidering your actions. WarriorLoverInc 20:22, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

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